Why Buy SEF?

1. Quality & Consistency

SEF combines their state of the art manufacturing facility with proven processes and quality checks that leave nothing to chance. Meeting stringent testing and manufacturing specifications ensures the highest level of product excellence with no variation in color or quality.

2. Thin & Durable

SEF is an industry leader in lightweight, super soft heat transfer material. Their product is 30 microns thinner than competitive products yet it is amazingly soft and durable.

3. Two-in-One

Instead of buying, stocking and using a different material for stretch and non-stretch applications, SEF's Flexcut Maxx combines the properties of what used to be two product lines into one easy-to-use material. Stretch OR non-stretch? Not anymore. Buy one product. Use one product.

4. Thicker Liner for Faster Application

SEF's thicker liner eliminates the need for a teflon sheet during the application process. With SEF, you can apply heat directly to the liner without adding the step of covering the design with a protective sheet.

5. Professional-Grade Without the Price Tag

SEF product is the next generation of heat transfer. 

  • Superior quality
  • Excellent stretch, opacity and color fastness
  • Lightweight material produces a better finished product
  • Water-based, 100% polyurethane
But with all these added benefits don't expect a higher price tag. SEF gives you a more professional product at a competitive price.


FlexCut Maxx

Designed for cutting plotters, 100% polyurethane FlexCut Maxx ensures stretchy and durable designs with an extremely soft touch. Its adhesive liner allows for very detailed cutting and fast weeding.

Applies to: Cotton, Polyester | Application: 330° for 17 seconds

*Compare to Siser Easyweed / Siser Easyweed Stretch, Chemica Hotmark Revolution, & Briteline G-FLEX PLUS

Find FlexCut Maxx colors we stock here

NOTE: The launch of SEF Heat Transfer will include the  following colors stocked at Regional Supply: White, Lemon Yellow, Sunny Yellow, Orange, Electric Red, Passion Red, Fuchsia, Purple, Atoll Blue, Pacific Blue, Navy Blue, Vibrant Green, Cool Grey, Dark Grey, Silver Metallic, & Gold Metallic. 

All other colors can be ordered as special-order items, and will be stocked at Regional Supply in 2019.


Light, very stretchable and with a beautiful metal effect. You will never have to worry anymore about washing a metallic heat transfer film because MetalFlex brings you an excellent 40°C washing fastness.

Applies to: Cotton, Polyester | Application: 330° for 15-17 seconds

Compare to: Chemica Stretchable Metallics

Find all MetalFlex colors here

Tatoo Plus

One of the thinnest and softest printable films you can find! Tatoo Plus is an opaque polyurethane film. A very light, very stretchable printable film with high washing durability. Suitable for ecosolvent (including TrueVis), solvent and UV-printing.

Applies to: Cotton, Polyester | Application: 330° for 17 seconds

Compare to: Briteline ULTIMATE PRINT, Chemica HOTMARKPRINT

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