FluteCorr graphics by Laminacorr is used for various types of signs and displays.  FluteCorr is sturdy corrugated plastic sheeting extruded from polypropylene material designed for the best print quality for your next wide-format display.  Thanks to our advanced extrusion department, we can create high-quality sheets in 14 vibrant colors.

Laminacorr Featured Products

WHITE Coroplast Corrugated Plastic Sheet 4mm x 48" x 96"

Product Line: Coroplast

Item does not ship FedEx

Corrugated polypropylene plastic sheet

  • 96” flutes

WHITE FluteCorr Corrugated Plastic Sheet 4mm x 18" x 24"

Product Line: FluteCorr

Corrugated polypropylene plastic sheet

  • 24” flutes