Vortex Emulsion Remover 5-Gallon

Item #: VORCHEMER-05

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Vortex Emulsion Remover is the most flexible concentrate in the industry. It can be mixed at ratios from 1 part chemical to 10 parts water up to 1 part chemical to 50 parts water, which provides the ultimate in reclaiming economy. Vortex Emulsion Remover is packed with additives, enabling the product to penetrate the toughest, water resistant and work hardened emulsions and films. Vortex Emulsion Remover degreases as it dissolves stencils, eliminating the additional step and expense of degreasing chemicals. Vortex Emulsion Remover dissolves readily with water, requiring no mixing, which makes dilution simple and fast.

  • 1:10 concentrate

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