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3M General Purpose Masking Tape 203 - 1.5" x 60 yard

Item #: TAPEMASK1.5

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3M General Purpose Masking Tape 203 is a pressure-sensitive tape designed with a natural rubber adhesive and a crepe paper backing. This design allows for instant stick and reliable holding, making our General Purpose Masking Tape 203 an excellent solution for most general purpose and entry level paint applications.

*General purpose crepe tape provides solid coverage

  • Ideal for general woodworking, MRO/Construction, paint masking and more
  • Natural rubber adhesive sticks aggresively and holds confidently
  • Crepe paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces and around corners

Conformable Tape with a Strong Hold
3M General Purpose Masking Tape 203 was designed to provide instant adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Its moderate adhesion supplies adequate holding power and helps resist lifting or curling. In addition, our General Purpose Masking Tape 203 is conformable, maintaining integrity and seal when formed around corners and uneven surfaces. The crepe paper backing resists slivering and tears off the roll easily. With good paint hold-out and bleed-through resistance, this masking tape is ideal for many applications and removes cleanly from most substrates for up to 24 hours and has a temperature resistance of up to 200F / 93C.

Recommended Applications

  • MRO/Construction painting
  • Woodworking
  • Entry level painting
  • Appliance sealing and wrapping applications

Item Specifications

  • 60 yards
  • 1.5" wide roll
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