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Precision Pink Monkey Strips (5 pack)


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Monkey Strips

Precision Pink Monkey Strips are an exciting new color which makes wrapping even funner. The felt and adhesive are the exact same as our blue Monkey Strips and purple Monkey Tails. This means super high glide you squeegee strokes and great durability. Plus, with our 2.0 adhesive, you can use Precision Pink Monkey Strips wet or dry so any type of install, from color change, tint and PPF, can be wrapped with confidence.

Monkey Strips are pre-cut felt buffers that are ideal for all types of wrapping. These durable buffers have a low friction surface that allows the squeegee to glide across the film and reduce common scratches to almost zero. Monkey Strips can be easily removed. The thinness of the Monkey Strip allows an installer to apply the film, particularly on vehicles, with more precision and less heat, which raises quality and avoids overstretching.

  • Monkey Strips 2.0 can be used dry or wet
  • Size: 102mm x 20mm (4” x .79”)
    *Fits most standard squeegees

UOM : 5 PACK (5 EA)
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