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Chromaline CTR Photopolymer Emulsion 3.5 Gallon

Item #: CHROMCTR3.5G

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CTR – if you prefer RED. We took our top-selling ChromaBlue emulsion and dyed it red. And you thought image quality couldn’t get better? This 1-part emulsion picks up all of those halftones, even on white mesh!

  • Color: Red
  • Solids: 50% (more of the good stuff)
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Fast Drying (since there’s less water)
  • Superior Mesh Bridging
  • Resolves higher frequency halftones and finer details
  • Excellent Reclaimability

Bottom line – red version of our most popular ChromaBlue

Shipping Note: This product is not freeze/thaw stable and will not ship during freezing temperatures.

Item Specifications

  • 9.76 lbs per PAIL
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