For over 70 years, Graphtec has been on the leading edge of cutting & measuring solutions. We were one of the first to execute cutting technology in our vinyl cutters, and our machines are famous all over the world for their legendary durability. Graphtec proudly acknowledges its standing as a world leader in cutting and measuring device technology and is committed to further enhancing its competitive strengths, product features, performance, and drive for excellence.

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CE7000-60 24" Vinyl Cutter w/stnd

Graphtec CE7000-60 24" Vinyl Cutter with Stand

SKU: GRAPHTEC CE7000-60 24
Product Line: Graphtec

Graphtec cutter for cutting vinyl and heat transfer material

Graphtec FC9000-140 54" Vinyl Cutter

SKU: GRAPHTEC FC9000-140 54
Product Line: Graphtec

Graphtec high performance cutter for sign makers cutting vinyl