200 Series Laminator

Professional Cold Laminators

  • Labor saving Quick-Grip aluminum film shafts for easy loading (255C)
  • Variable roller gap to 1" (255C)
  • Single pressure adjustment
  • 2.5" and 4.5" diameter rollers
  • Chain drive rewind
  • 38" output height (255C)

The Gfp 200 Series laminators are the affordable alternative to time-consuming hand finishing with rollers and squeegees. Now even the smallest shops can compete for bigger jobs with confidence. The 200 Series will shorten production time, increase profitability and produce consistently professional results.

overlamination | mounting | board pre-coating

300 Series Laminator

Top heat laminators

  • Depending on the model, 55" or 63" laminating capability
  • Maximum speed 20 feet per minute
  • Top roller heat assist, up to 122 F
  • Up to 1" mounting capability

Sign shops and digital printers now have an affordable option for pressure-sensitive applications. The 300 Series delivers rugged construction, labor-saving features, and high quality output in an entry level machine. Built off the 255C Cold Laminator, the 300 Series adds top heat for better overlamination, mounting and board coating results. 

overlamination | mounting | board pre-coating

563TH-3 MaxPro Laminator

Top heat laminators

What’s the best way to make your production even better? Shorten film loading time? Make fewer film changes? Increase throughput speed? The 563TH-3 does all that and more.

  • Swing-out Quick-Grip supply shafts
  • Drop-in Quick-Grip rewind shafts
  • Photoelectric eye for safety
  • Optional motorized rear rewind
  • Swing-up feed table & 38" output height
  • Metal Alloy heater reduces breakage
  • 4.5" diameter rollers
  • Roller gap measurement scale
  • Feed tray safety lock

overlamination | mounting | board pre-coating

44TH Laminator

Top Heat Laminator and Board Mounter

Mount and laminate with Pouch boards; apply printed adhesive-back vinyl directly to mounting boards; or apply PSA films, pre-mask tapes, and adhesives to any surface. The Gfp 44 produces consistent professional results every time. 

  • Labor saving Quick-Grip film shafts
  • Photoelectric eye for safety
  • Fold-down rear exit tray
  • 5-position pressure adjustment
  • 3.5" diameter rollers
  • Chain drive rewind
  • Sleep & Auto-Off Energy Saver
  • 32.5" output height
  • Bottom Media Unwind Bracket

For producing signs and displays, it’s hard to beat the ease and affordability of the Gfp 44 Laminator and Board Mounter. Its 44” width is ideal for POP, trade show displays, and graphic mounting. Top roller heating allows mounting and overlaminating in a single pass.

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