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Vehicle Window Tint

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To stay cool and look cool in your car, get the best car window tint film available from Regional Supply. Our automotive window tint film protects you, your passengers and any items you have in your car. You deserve the security and convenience our car window tint film provides.

Car Window Tint Film Cuts Glare

A top reason that drivers want automotive window tint film is to cut down on glare when they drive. Especially if you drive a lot, glare from the sun can have an impact on your comfort and your ability to drive safely.
For many years, car makers have installed windshields with a stripe of blue or gray at the top to help cut glare. But it’s a rare instance when this 3-inch strip actually blocks the sun from getting in your eyes. That’s why so many drivers wear sunglasses. But it can be annoying to have to wear sunglasses all the time, and it gets expensive when you keep losing them.
When you have car window tint film, you don’t need sunglasses to drive, and you won’t get a headache from squinting for hours.

Automotive Window Tint Film Keeps Your Car Cooler

Window tint for homes and offices in hot climates helps keep these spaces cooler, and it does the same for your vehicle. When you get automotive window tint, your car will stay cooler while you run errands — without you having to wrestle with one of those cheap folding window shades.

Car Window Tint Film Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Besides glare and heat from the sun, you also have to worry about harmful UV rays, which can be a problem even in winter and on cloudy days. But not if you have car window tint film. Regional Supply’s film blocks UV rays, which are damaging not only to your skin, but to your car’s interiors — namely your leather seats.
Without automotive window tint film, your car’s seats are constantly being exposed to UV rays, and can eventually crack.

Automotive Window Tint Provides Privacy

Whether you’re a performer, an elected official or simply a driver who enjoys their privacy, car window tint film can provide it. No one will be able to identify you — or your passengers — inside your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about people trying to take pictures of you in your car, or people simply being nosy and wondering who is with you.
Moreover, automotive window tint protects any possessions you leave in your car. You know if you live in a city that you should not leave your car parked in a public area with items visible inside your car.
City dwellers know to put all their bags and other items in the trunk when they park their cars, but with automotive window tint, you can leave anything in your car, including your laptop, watch, chargers, etc.

Car Window Tint Looks Cool

Drivers love how cool car window tint film looks, especially on a sports car or an SUV. People wait and watch to see who gets out of a car with automotive window tint.
For the best car window tint film for your vehicle, check out Regional Supply’s selection.

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