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We sell and service all the different sign making equipment you need to run your business, from multiple types of printers, vinyl cutters and laminators to flatbed cutter and routers. We also sell design and RIP software to run your equipment.

If needed, we can also help you with financing.

Pay $0 out of pocket, only $450 in the first 6 months on new equipment.  Learn more.

When you need the best selection of graphics equipment and software all in one place, navigate to We sell a wide selection of the best printers, laminators, routers and software. Our customers range from small, at-home designers to major commercial enterprises.


Regional Supply carries a variety of different types of printers for your individual needs:

• Eco-solvent printers: These printers use ink that is friendly to the environment. Pair your eco-solvent printer with a laminator for amazing results.

• Latex printers: Latex printers provide the same fabulous quality that eco-solvent printers do. Use your latex printer to print decals, stickers, graphics, signage, vehicle wraps and more.
• UV printers:
By using ultraviolet light in the curing process, UV printers dry the ink you use in your project quickly. There is never any smudging, even on plastic or other hard surfaces that are nonporous.

• Flatbed printers: Save the step of transferring by getting a flatbed printer. These machines allow you to print right onto textiles, glass, wood, tile and even carpet. Flatbed printers mean less work, less mess, more options.
• Direct-to-garment printers: Highly preferable for individual products versus bulk orders, direct-to-garment printers set up quickly. They’re also preferable to screen printers for detailed designs.

• Dye sublimation printers: Superior to inkjet printers for color and detail, these printers are the first choice of those who work with schools and professional sports teams because they can accurately reproduce the correct colors every time, in vibrant and great detail.


Use our laminators to protect your printed graphics from harm, including UV light, abrasions and more. We sell smaller models as well as large, industrial-sized floor models to suit our customers’ needs.
Regional Supply sells flatbed cutters and routers for clients interested in making their own signs, artwork or other materials. We sell a variety of routers for cutting different designs and materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, glass, plastic and foam.

Check out our supply of graphics software for printers and other sign-making equipment. Contact us with any questions you have about our software; we can help you determine which option is best for your purposes.
Regional Supply is your best choice for graphics equipment and software.

Equipment and Software