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Social Media Tips - Week 1

This is the first in our monthly blog series of social media tips for businesses - let us know if you have any questions you need answered! 

Choose Your Platform

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? 

For a number of reasons, social media can be a valuable tool as part of your marketing efforts. But like anything, it can also be a waste of time if you focus on platform(s) that create little value. 

Do a little research before plunging right in. Ask some of your customers and employees. Which social media properties do they spend time on, at home and work? Would they follow your posts if you regularly posted content there? What kind of content would they prefer?

Many people believe Facebook is a no-brainer simply because it seems the entire world is on it. Others say start with LinkedIn, the go-to media platform for businesses. But for your business, it may be neither of these. Consider Instagram, Pinterest, or even Snapchat, depending on your audience. Other platforms are being introduced all the time.

(For more information on this, do a quick google search. Here’s one post with good advice under “3. Select the Best Platforms.”)


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