Bonneville TurboFlex

If you’ve been to Regional Supply recently, you might have noticed our newest product - TurboFlex heat transfer. Customers who have tested it are raving about it - but what’s all the fuss about? 

TurboFlex heat transfer is equipped with a special hotmelt for fast application at low temperature. This means you get the material transferred much faster - as few as 3 seconds! The lower temperature allows for transfer to a variety of fabrics, including cotton, cotton/poly blends, and nylon. 

Since introducing this new product, we’ve been getting a few questions. We will answer them here:

What makes this different from other heat transfers? The most noticeable difference is the application time. Other heat transfers take 15+ seconds, while TurboFlex takes 3-5 seconds. The temperature needed for transfer is also lower - as low as 265°! This is why you can use TurboFlex on so many different (and traditionally hard to apply to) materials. 

Can I wash and dry the material with TurboFlex on it? Yes! TurboFlex can be hot washed (140° F,100°F for nylon) and is suitable for tumble dry and drycleaning. 

Do I need to cut or handle the material differently than other heat transfers? When using a vinyl plotter to cut TurboFlex, we advise setting the force slightly higher than with other brands. We also advise test cuts! Other handling of the material is similar to other brands - reverse cut, etc.

Other Benefits:

It’s less expensive than other brands!

With 40 available colors, you have a lot of design options!

It’s warm peel - as soon as it’s cool enough to touch, it’s cool enough to peel.

Purchase Turboflex here!


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