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September Product Highlights

TurboFlex Heat Transfer:
Bonneville TurboFlex heat transfer is now available exclusively at Regional Supply! TurboFlex has lower adhesion temperature and faster press times than other heat transfer materials. Here’s a note from Boyd, our sales team manager, about TurboFlex:
“We had a customer who was using a tri-blend material and they were having trouble with the Easyweed material. The temp was just too much for the garment. They had issue with scorching. The low temp and the low cure time on the TurboFlex cured this issue. End result: very happy customer!”
Try it out today!

Static Cling Vinyl
Static Cling vinyl is a 7 or 8 mil, highly plasticized, specialty vinyl film designed to adhere to glass and other clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces without adhesive. Ideally suited for producing attractive single and multi-color graphics for interior signs and displays, Static Cling can also be used as a substrate for easily-mounted and removable, temporary signs. We carry white and clear options.

Fluorescent Lamps
Did you know high output fluorescent light bulbs are used in cold weather applications (such as outdoor lighting & signs) because they have a much lower starting temperature?

SciGrip Plastic Glue
SciGrip Acrylic Cement is a clear, fast drying, high strength cement that works great for acrylics. We carry other options that will also bond styrene, butyrate, polycarboante, and other plastics and porous surfaces


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