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A Customer Focus at Regional Supply

The Regional Supply Promise

At Regional Supply we value the relationships with our customers and suppliers that have been created and strengthened over nearly 75 years in the industry. So thank you. For being a partner, and for the impact you have on every part of our business. 

We understand that, as a good partner, we are responsible for meeting the highest standards for what you expect in a supplier. Including:

  • The right product

Whether you know exactly what you want, or prefer a brainstorming session with a member of our sales team to figure it out, we are committed to having (or getting!) the product you need to get the job done.

  • On-time delivery

We are dedicated to timely transit. In recent years we have added new delivery routes to South Eastern Idaho, Southern Utah, Summit County, and supplemented all our existing routes with a second daily run.  Our goal is to give you transit options, and offer dependable delivery.

  • Excellent condition

From the way it is ordered, to the painstaking process of damage-free storage, to the transport from our location to yours, every step of the inventory movement process is handled with the highest level of care. So nothing but the best quality -- a product in excellent condition, shows up at your door.

Regional Supply has grown a lot since 1946, but some traditions have lingered for many years. One of the most recent changes to tradition was made about 14 months ago. Before then, all departments at Regional Supply had access to inventory. A small change to this process has made a world of difference. 

Now inventory is controlled by a small group with responsibility for ALL inventory movement. This group is in charge of putaway, picking, counting, issuing material and all inventory discrepancies. As simple as it sounds, it was a huge undertaking for Regional Supply. One that has made a significant impact on how we are able to deliver on the Regional Supply promise. 

At Regional Supply our promise to you is the right product, on time, in excellent condition. 


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