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Fast & Dependable Delivery to Our Customers

Partner with Regional Supply for dependable delivery 

Regional Supply dispatches 12-14 trucks averaging a total of 140 stops everyday, and these are the people who make it happen!  We are proud of our drivers. For their professionalism and attention to detail, and for their hard work on the road, wherever that road takes them. 

Did you know? A piece of this story began when we moved into our new location early in 2017. After 70+ years in one location, we knew "the move" would give us a lot of opportunities to think outside the box and shake things up internally. We also combined resources with our two sister companies; American Label and Plastic Fabricating. It was almost like we were starting this department from the ground up, and we really feel like we were able to capitalize on all the change. The rest, as they say, is history and the result speaks for itself. 

The Result was largely influenced by the decision to create a new position at Regional Supply. Drivers, in the past, always picked their own orders and did a quality check on their own trucks -- this effort was also aided by the Delivery Manager. Most of the time orders were delivered and everything was great, but the accountability was missing. 

Our customer focus is to Provide the right product, on time, in excellent condition.

Great wasn't good enough, and excellence was a goal that pushed us to up our standard for delivery outcomes. With a lot more space to stage inventory for delivery (remember that move??), it was a natural transition to hire a Quality Assurance manager. 

Independent of the delivery department, this new position at Regional Supply that checks, marks and accounts for every one of the 140 orders that leave the building on our trucks.

Internal mistakes that look like wrong product to you, the customer, are almost zilch. Our delivery accuracy is 99%.

So yes, we are proud. Here are a few more reasons why: 

  • We deliver to businesses along 460+ miles of the I-15 corridor
  • Our local routes have 2 two options; early and same-day for daily delivery
  • There is over 40 years combined experience among our drivers 

Why choose Regional Supply for delivery? 

Hopefully you understand a little bit more about our commitment to quality, in this case specifically when your order is delivered to you. This quality is a driving (no pun intended, or maybe it was...) force in all we do to get your order ready, transported and ultimately dropped off.

At the end of the day, or delivery route as the case may be, being the best partner for customers is the ultimate goal. Here's a big thanks to our delivery department for their role in this partnership!


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