Fleet Graphics Re-Design

Regional Supply Fleet Graphics Re-Design

At Regional Supply, we are proud to offer daily delivery service to most areas. If you live in the Salt Lake valley, Provo, St. George and even as far north as Idaho, you have probably seen one of our delivery trucks on the road.

Last year, we decided our delivery trucks needed a new look! As a supplier of many different types of graphic materials, we felt it was important to showcase as many different types, finishes and styles as possible when coming up with the new design.

We started the process last Summer, with a blank canvas, other than one request from our owner, David Fisher, who said “We need to include fish in it somehow!” This did not come as a surprise (have you seen our corporate offices??), so with this direction, we set out to create a new design that was unique and eye-catching for Regional Supply.

After a few weeks, we had three different designs to choose from. Our team decided to go with the “hexagon” design, as it loosely represented the chemical structure of plastic, which is a large part of our business. Of course, some of those hexagons needed to represent different species of fish, so they were included as well. Fun Fact, there are eight different fish represented throughout the fleet; Brook Trout, Arctic Char, Cutthroat Trout, Northern Pike, Brown Trout, Mahi-mahi, Peacock Bass and Salmon. Have you seen them all?

There are also three different types of vehicle styling represented; color change films, digitally printed material and cut vinyl. “The possibilities are endless when it comes to vehicle re-styling products at Regional Supply. It was fun, a bit difficult as well, with so many great options available. I did my best to choose products that best represented our corporate branding, while keeping it eye-catching and interesting”, said Marketing Director, Megan Schofield.

Being in sign and graphics industry since 1946, this being our 75th year, you have probably seen many of our different truck designs over the years. We strive to continually change our look to keep up with the latest trends and showcase new products. We hope this latest change inspires and influences new creative ideas for you and your company.

We’ll see you down the road!


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