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Cleaning ACM Sheets

From Laminators Inc

Cleaning ACM is as EASY as 1-2...3?

It's so easy we don't even have a step 3!

Now more than ever, it's always important to keep hard surfaces germ and dirt free.  Cleaning and maintaining your Laminators' panels is simple and economical!

Cleaning Panel Prior to Graphic Application (If Applicable)

1. Clean panels with a soft, color-free and lint-free cloth moistened with 99% isopropyl alcohol prior to applying any graphics.

2. Wipe the panel in a single (non-circular) direction - this helps to ensure that fine particles, smudges, or fingerprints do not affect your final print.

Download Laminators Cleaning Flyer

Routine Surface Cleaning (After Installation)

1. Panels should be washed periodically to keep them clean, bright and dirt free.

2. Consult with manufacturer(s) of the applied (ink, vinyl, paint, etc.) graphics for cleaning recommendations - it's good practice to test in an inconspicuous area before using on full scale.


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