New ImagePerfect SafeTouch film

New ImagePerfect SafeTouch film delivers maximum protection against bacteria to support good hygiene practices

Spandex, the one-stop supplier of innovative solutions to the sign, graphics and display industries is launching ImagePerfect SafeTouch, a clear laminate fully resistant to heavy-duty and abrasive cleaning, with the added benefit of antimicrobial properties to minimize the spread of bacteria, fungus, parasites and human coronavirus.

ImagePerfect SafeTouch (IP 2830) is a 3.2 mil clear film, available in gloss and matt finishes. The film incorporates the highly effective antimicrobial agent zinc pyrithione and delivers over 99.99% proven protection against the growth of a range of common bacteria, fungi and parasites. ImagePerfect SafeTouch also demonstrates an antiviral activity of 74.30% on human coronavirus HCoV-229E after a contact time of 24 hours.

The antimicrobial agents are encapsulated in the film layer rather than being applied as a coating. This ensures that the product’s protective properties are preserved even with regular abrasive cleaning, delivering protection for three years.

The product is designed for interior flat applications such as markings and decorations, counters, desks and doors in environments requiring high levels of hygiene, for example retail spaces, public transport, healthcare and education settings, hospitality and leisure businesses, and event locations. The anti-microbial properties of the laminate inhibits the growth of microbes on the surface by depriving them of the conditions they need to survive and spread.

Thanks to its clean-peel, semi-permanent, solvent-based adhesive, ImagePerfect SafeTouch is suitable for direct application to surfaces. The film’s high transparency means that the natural aesthetic of the original surface can be retained. It can also be used for over-lamination of printed surfaces, after 48-hour ink drying time.

ImagePerfect SafeTouch is fully resistant to frequent cleaning with solvents such as 70.0% ethanol, 0.1% IPA and 5.0% benzalkonium chloride.

Stefano Nigrone, Director of ImagePerfect at Spandex, explains: “ImagePerfect SafeTouch gives customers an important new choice – high levels of anti-microbial protection for three years, with the application flexibility of a PVC material and a solvent-based adhesive, at a competitive price point. Ultimately, this will help more businesses to safeguard their staff and customers by adding protection to a variety of surfaces, at a time when public sensitivity around hygiene has never been higher.”

ImagePerfect SafeTouch has been independently tested by 3A Laboratori (accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, and certified UNI EN ISO 9001). 


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