Telling Your Story Through PR

Telling Your Story Through PR

As the chief storyteller for your business, think about what makes your business unique. Are you the only business who does what you do? Is there something different about one or more of your employees, company practices, or location? Anything you’ve done unusual in your industry, in the community, or in the lives of your customers?

Even better if you can tie one of these stories to an upcoming holiday, big event, or something else happening in the news.

Where to tell it

Now that you have a story (and be sure to include an image; a picture’s worth a thousand words), where can you share it?

For starters try LinkedIn, a great writing platform widely used by employees and businesses alike. Post your story as a long-form LinkedIn post, then ask others in your company to share it on their LinkedIn and social media profiles.

Another place to tell your story is through your local newspaper. The business editor covering your community or county is always on the prowl for interesting business stories. Do a quick Internet search to locate their name and contact information, then call them on the phone, send an email, or even pay a visit to their office.

Here are a few more do-it-yourself PR tips for small businesses.

(Next time: Pitching tips when doing your own PR.)


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