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Build a Simple PR Strategy

Build a Simple PR Strategy

Public relations is often misunderstood. Unlike advertising, which tells stories about your company through paid methods, PR spreads positive messages through unpaid, or “earned” media.

Small business owners and their marketers tend to think that “doing PR” requires special skills. In reality, low-hanging PR activities are actually very doable for anyone.

You know your business better than any person on earth, right? That alone qualifies you to be the chief storyteller / chief PR person for your company. And that’s it, really. Knowing your story and having the ability to tell it, both verbally and in writing, is essentially all you need to get started doing your own PR.

Your PR plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Sit down for 15 minutes and think about the third parties who could help put your company in a positive light. Ask yourself the following two questions:

Who are the “go-between” people my customers turn to for advice and industry knowledge? Journalists? Bloggers? Social media? Specific people who influence them? Write them down. This is your initial target list.

Now, consider the best ways to get in front of those influential people or sources: Targeted emails? Phone calls? Providing expert content or something else of value to them?

If your “intermediaries” can only be influenced through pay-for-play methods, that’s where sponsored media (advertising) comes in. Advertising is an important, but separate, marketing tool from PR.

Now that you’ve decided your PR “target list” and how best to reach them, spend a few minutes honing your story, or message. That’s all you need for a basic PR plan. Now start pitching!

(Next time: How to tell your story through PR.)

Here are a few more tips on getting started doing your own PR.


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