Serve Up a Variety of Content

Serve Up a Variety of Content

Humans crave variety. Like the dinner buffet where people are willing to pay a little more to have lots of options, your sign supply business can can get more attention by offering a variety of content on your social media sites. People welcome a “surprise me” approach. And your followers will appreciate not always being served up the same old stuff. Of the many kinds of content you can dish out, here are but 7:

  1. How-to guides

  2. User-generated

  3. Videos

  4. Webinars and podcasts

  5. Client testimonials

  6. Infographics

  7. Custom GIFs

In a future post we can explain more about numbers #1-6.

For now let’s learn about #7 -- Custom GIFs -- a new and easy way to have some fun with your audience.

Animated GIFs can boost engagement on a social media post, while explaining an otherwise complex idea with one image of eye-catching content. There are lots of cool GIFs online that you can use, but if you create your own you’re guaranteed to have your own image catered to your sign supply followers. And the kicker: You can crank out a GIF in mere minutes. Try out a free tool such as Giphy’s GIF Maker, one of the many free sites to turn images, videos and YouTube links in GIFs, and you’ll see what we mean!


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