LED Retrofits

If you’ve heard LEDs are the lighting solution of the future, you’re right. People are quickly turning to bright and durable LEDs and enjoying lower maintenance costs, lower energy costs, superior weather performance, and above all, peace of mind. It’s easier than ever to make the switch and we’re here to help you find the best Principal LED Stik solution for your fluorescent to LED retrofit needs. Principal LED’s Stik solutions are designed to fit directly into a T-12 socket to save you time and make installation a breeze.


The latest retrofit solution to add to Principal LED’s retrofit lineup. Enjoy the lowest cost retrofit solution on the market.


Principal LED’s innovative solution that paved the way for the future of retrofits. The Qwik Stik fits directly into your sign’s existing T-12 socket and requires only a simple wiring installation to get up and running.


The Street Stik cabinet solution with industry favorite Street Fighter modules. We offer the Street Stik standard and Street Stik HD option, for higher lumen output. They also come in a single-sided and double-sided.


Make it an easy choice. We offer complimentary, no obligation, fast layout services. We can recommend products, offer layout plans, and estimate power supplies, etc. Contact us today. E-mail layouts@p-led.com to get started.


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