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ImagePerfect Sign Making Materials

ImagePerfect Sign Making Materials

The ImagePerfect™ product line from Spandex provides one of the widest ranges of signage and digital materials available on the market today, used by customers in over 25 countries!
Spandex combines extensive experience in manufacturing with strict quality standards. Each product is custom made and tested to guarantee quality materials, at a competitive price.

Regional Supply is now stocking the following ImagePerfect items

High Performance Calendared Vinyl for digital printing

  • IP 2503, IP 2503PA, IP 2506, IP 2506PA

Intermediate Calendared Vinyl for digital printing

  • IP 2537, IP 2537PA
High Performance Calendared Laminate

  • IP 2810
Printable Etched Glass Vinyl

  • IP 2515, IP 2569
Window Decoration Film

  • IP 5801, IP 5802, IP 5802PA, IP 5803PA, IP 5804PA, IP 5805, IP 5805PA
Perforated Window Film for digital printing

  • IP 2706


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