More ways to promote your business and product

originally posted by  • January 23

When launching a promotional campaign for your business, you know that attractive signs and graphics can help get your message out. Hanging a banner outside of your location helps increase visibility, while displaying posters inside your location can inform customers. But are there more ways to visually communicate your message and promote your products and services? Yes! Here are a few other creative solutions to help extend your promotional messages further.

banner displayed across a fence

Use fence graphics to reach people on the street or communicate messages at the boundary of your property. Ensure they’re large enough to see from afar or from passing vehicles.

floor graphic decal

Floor graphics help attract people to your location and are ideal for busy sidewalks or high foot traffic areas. Floor graphics can also help direct people to where a specific product is located in your space.

Using a pop up display is another way to catch people’s attention and to educate them about your product or service offering. Provide printed collateral, branded giveaway items or product samples to promote your business further.  

fabric signage example in a pop up display

Fabric signs are flexible solutions that are easy to set up, transport and store. They can be used and displayed in a variety of places including table coverings, on walls, trade show displays, backdrop signs, custom tents and awnings.

vivi digital kiosk

Incorporate digital signs, such as a standalone kiosk or wall mounted screens, to display engaging content that gives customers more information about the benefits of your product or service. Wrap the frame of the display to add to the branding.

By placing your promotional messages in a variety of places and using engaging signs and graphics, you’ll be able to attract more attention, inform more effectively and motivate action. 



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