Marketing During the Coronavirus Epidemic

To say that we’re living in unusual times is a serious understatement. The economic effects of the Coronavirus could be devastating, and the fact of the matter is that many small businesses will not be around once we’ve seen this thing through. But on the bright side, those businesses who do make it through can look forward to a stronger, more digitally focused economy. The future should hold even more opportunities for creative and mission-focused small businesses to thrive.

So how can a small business best spend on marketing during these coming months (years?), especially when 30-40 percent of marketing budgets are spent on event sponsorships?


Content marketing, especially when it’s delivered strategically and directly to prospective customers through the proper channels, could be just the answer for many small businesses hoping to keep the buzz going when other marketing methods are dried up.

Content marketing methods are always evolving so it’s important to stay on top of the latest best practices in your industry. The most popular channels for your best content tend to be through email, SEO, social media and paid media -- the best methods allowing you to engage with your customers.

In future posts we’ll talk more about specific ideas for small businesses using content marketing in a COVID-19 word. In the meantime
, here’s one primer.


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