Humanize your Content

Everyone wants to feel the company they’re doing business with is made of real people who have normal lives. So consider posting some pictures of your employees, of everyday activities around the office, or of an offsite team activity. (You’ll get double the views if you post videos!)

Not a great photographer? It’s never too late to learn. Consider these tried-and-tested tips for better photos:

1. Get in close. Famous photojournalist Robert Capa once said: “If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough.” So scooch in, and learn how to crop pictures.

2. Use the “Rule of thirds.” Basically, it means pictures are more interesting when they’re slightly off center.

3. Lighten up. Soft light (closer light source) is better than hard light (further light source) when taking pictures. If you’re not already one who edits photos on your phone to adjust the light and color, ask someone to show you how. It’s easy, it’s fun, and your pictures will look awesome.

Here are more tips for taking great pics with your phone.    Photography Tips


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