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Week 4 - Use a Bold Headline!

When writing a post for social media or a blog people tend to gloss over the headline, treating it like it’s the icing on the cake of their content. It’s too bad, because the headline should be the cake.

The headline is what grabs our attention. Take the time to make sure it will do just that. It’s often the only thing people will read. Test out a couple options on your friend. Does this headline me want to continue reading?

Here are a few tips for writing catchy headlines:

  • Use numbers, and start out the post with the number (“5 things your vendor won’t tell you”; “3 trends to watch out for in 2020”)
  • Ask a question to elicit engagement (“What is your most popular printer?”; “Who has most impacted your career?”)
  • Try a myth buster (“Misconceptions about vinyl that are holding back your sales”; “3 common strategies that actually hurt customer relations”)

Here are a few more ideas for how to write headlines that stand out.


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