Ways to Keep Employees Excited and Invested

Originally posted by Kirk Harris, Jan. 2018

Keeping employees excited, engaged, and immersed in your business is not difficult, but it is work, and it will take effort. 

Let's start with recognition.
Recognize when your employees do exceptional work, meet a tough deadline, work together, or go the extra mile. Recognition is a very understated and well-received way to hit all three of these targets simultaneously. A public "thank you" or "great job" can go a long way.

This is another form of recognition that says you acknowledge what they’ve done, you appreciate it, and you want them to feel as good as they’ve made your business look.

Allow them to offer input into company decisions. This will help them feel more engaged and immersed. Picture the sense of pride should you decide to use one of their ideas.

Your employees are not robots, yet. They have thoughts, insights, and ideas that could help your business grow.

Here’s to an active workforce!


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