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Paint Protection Film

To protect your vehicle’s appearance and resale value, invest in a car paint protection film from Regional Supply. We offer rolls in different lengths and widths to accommodate your vehicle’s shape.

An auto paint protection film is an excellent defense against threats to your car’s finish. Parking your car in a garage versus in the street where it is out in the elements helps provide some protection, but your car is still exposed while you are driving or parking it elsewhere.

Automotive Paint Protection Film

Stones and debris flying up from the roadway are the source of the most damage to a car’s paint job. Additionally, how often are you on the highway behind a covered truck toting gravel or another landscaping substance only to see bits falling out and striking your car? It’s disheartening, especially when you have a new car.

Sun and UV rays can also damage a car’s paint, causing it to fade, crack and look old before its time. Humidity and sea spray hasten corrosion and can leave streaks behind.

Insects do damage as well, especially on highways where you’re traveling at high speeds for long distances. They splatter all over your windshield and the body of your car. The same is true of bird droppings. If you live in a heavily forested area, you may also get tree sap on your car, which is so hard to get off safely.

While you may not do much damage to your windshield scraping bugs, bird droppings or sap off of it, the same cannot be said for your car’s paint job.

You have likely seen cars with protective bug screens, but they’re so ugly. A car paint protection film is almost invisible. Take care, however, to wash your car paint protection film with only the recommended products in order to avoid damaging it.

Paint Protection Film for Vehicles

When you opt to get a car paint protection film, you’re not only preserving the paint underneath the film, but you’re improving your car’s appearance. You can choose to wrap your whole vehicle for a high-gloss finish that leaves your car looking as shiny as a new penny. Or, just add protective film to your hood, mirrors or other high impact areas.

Regional Supply’s paint protection film is extremely durable and resistant to yellowing, even when parked in the sun. Car paint protection film also safeguards your car from the effects of acid rain. When acid rain falls on a car’s surface, it can leave acidic residue behind that can eat into the paint and even the car itself.

Best Car Paint Protection Film

Not all car paint protection film is created equally. You want an automotive paint protection film that does an excellent job and is easy to apply. Like Achilles’s heel, one exposed spot on your car can allow damaging substances to penetrate the film and harm your car’s surface.

Order your auto paint protective film from Regional Supply today, and protect the integrity of your car’s finish, along with your investment in your vehicle.

Automotive Restyling/Paint Protection Film 
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