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Screen Printing Supplies

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From pre-press to finished product, Regional Supply stocks the inks, chemicals, films, screens, and machines to fill all your screen printing needs. 

You can also contact Regional Supply for professional evaluations and custom screen printing system installations.

Whether you’re starting a side gig printing tees and other textiles or you want to save your school or organization money by doing your own screen printing, Regional Supply has all the screen-printing equipment you need, all in one place.

When you’re undertaking a new business or endeavor, you want to make sure you have what you need to succeed. You can rely on Regional Supply not only to have all the right items in stock, but to be here to offer you advice on how to get started or what you need to take the next step.

We’ve been in business 75 years, and you can trust our expertise.

Screen Printing Equipment
We carry both automatic and manual textile presses in four, six, eight or 10 colors. They’re the perfect entry-level machines — affordable and easy to use — but can also be a good fit for many commercial operations. We also offer a number of conveyor dryers and flash curing units to boost your operation’s production by curing ink quickly.

Screen Printing Ink
You can get screen printing ink for all purposes from Regional Supply — textiles, glass, wood, plastic, etc. With this ink, your signs will hold up even with outdoor use. Remember, your screen-printing job is only as good as the ink you use.

Pre-Press Supplies
In order to keep your screen printer in good working condition, you’ll need some pre-press supplies. These may include emulsion, degreaser, haze remover, inkjet film, screen coaters and more. Reclaim your screens and help ensure your components are clean and 

your images are sharp with the right supplies.

On-Press Supplies
The right on-press supplies can make screen printing infinitely easier. Pallet adhesive can help hold your textiles in place so there’s no slipping. Screen cleaner ensures that there’s no residue left from the last job that could spoil your new project. Keep your pallets cleaner and save time with pallet tape.

Even if you religiously clean and reclaim your screens, eventually they will lose their tension and you will need new ones. Keep some white and some color screens on hand at all times, so your operation is never stalled while you wait for screens to arrive.

Sometimes you just need replacement mesh, versus a whole new screen. Your frame might be in good shape, but your mesh may be torn, loose or irrevocably clogged. Get white or color mesh in rolls or precut specific sizes.

Your skill with your squeegee often determines the quality of your screen-printing project. Don’t try to make do with an old, soft squeegee blade. Get the best squeegee supplies from Regional Supply.

Screen Printing Accessories
Make your job easier by keeping all the professional screen-printing accessories you need on hand, such as cleaners, scrub pads, wipe rolls, spot guns, scrapers, activators, clamps and more. You’re a professional, and you deserve to have professional tools to help you produce your product. Taking shortcuts may work once or twice, but eventually, you’ll just spend more time cleaning up the mess and throwing away more product.

For all your screen-printing equipment and accessories, depend on Regional Supply.

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